30 Day Anime Challenge

After seeing fellow bloggers and after some discussion with a few of them after I started seeing their postings about this (melinanimeland & lethargic ramblings), I’ve decided to take the challenge myself.  I haven’t been posting as much as I’d like to – so this could be another way to encourage me to plan ahead and schedule several of these postings.


I’m going to have to really dig deep into my anime history for some of these. I’m still quite a novice watcher as I’ve only completed about 147 so far. If you’re wondering how I know such an accurate number I’ve been using a couple of phoneapps to help with that: iMAL & Aozora. They both link to your MAL (myanimelist.net) account. iMALs interface i thought was a lot simpler to just hit the + button when I finished an episode and Aozora lets me know when a new episode is out. I like that it shows up like this in my iPhone notifications:


That was a major tangent.

But anyways, hope you enjoy what I end up posting and I look forward to any discussions that come up due to them! I’m looking forward to having fun with this challenge!