OP/ED of the Week

Haikyuu! Always leads the pack in great OPS/EDS for me. But this week I’m going to feature Season 3’s OP. The song is great to get you hyped for the match that’s featured this season, but also the visuals of the op are what really get me. I follow this YouTube channel that analyzes OPs-I think this is a novel idea and I think he does a really great job of this overall. However there are rare moments where I fee the analysis is a reaching but it’s something that doesn’t bother me -no ones perfect. Here’s a link to his analysis of one of season 2’s ops: Mother’s Basement – Haikyuu’s Breathtaking Animation

He hasn’t done one for Haikyuu’s season 3 yet which I hope he does because there’s a lot of great symbolism that occurs if you’ve been following the show. Since he hasn’t yet I decided to jot down a few of my own observations on it.

Title: Hikari Are | Artist: Burnout Syndromes | Show: Haikyuu! (Season 3)

We open up on Hinata and the team reaching the top of a mountain gasping for breath as they look upon another snow capped mountain that suddenly transforms into eagle wings that open up to reveal Ushijima. This symbolizes the rough climb it took Hinata and the gang to reach the pinnacle of the Spring tournament as they face their final opponent.

We see a flock of crows flying through the title as they fly towards Hinata in a dark alleyway. The scene is super dynamic as they fly right into Hinatas eye and out and up into a bright sky. The crows are representative of Karasuano and also serves as a reminder that Hinata is the core of this show as we tend to observe things from his point of view.

There’s focus on Ushijima spiking the the ball with such force it lights up the middle of the scene that is generally dark. Then there’s a transition to an eagles beak and , Ushijima’s eyes and Hinata’s eyes overlaid on top of one another – the focus being that their eyes indicate the level of focus and intensity they are both bringing to this match

They show a few characters close up of karasuno. There’s a bit of focus on Tsukishima a few times. To me this sticks out because throughout the series Tsuki has been on the brink of change. So I definitely think he will have some major development in this season.

We see Hinata then running to spike and as he flies in midair we transition to a sunset with a crow swooping down. Another indication of the end of the tournament and this crow going in for the kill. The court covered in shadows has a spotlight that turns these shadows into crows in flight -another indicator that Karasuno is no longer a fallen powerhouse and are no longer flightless crows.

My favorite scene is at the end – the climax of the song where we view the entire court from the sidelines. Karasuno and Shiratorizawa both walk towards each other to the net and there’s a flash of lightning accompanied by an eagle facing a flock of crows. Talk about drama. The final scene helps set the tone for the season as we know it’ll be a tense battle to get to the Tokyo stage.

A few other fun facts: The song itself “Hikari Are” translates to “There Will Be Light” which I think is fitting to the whole OP. All the images are shrouded in darkness until the part of the spotlight comes and the crows fly out. Karasuno has battled their way from the bottom fighting against the overwhelming odds against them posed by every team they’ve faced. As they continued with their goal – they continue to fight and have that glimmer of hope that keeps them pushing on.

Well, that was more in-depth than I anticipated to write about for this op! Hope you enjoyed it and have a great week!!