30 Day Anime Challenge | 02

….I have a lot of favorites. But if I were to choose one of those other ones I would be repeating myself throughout this challenge, and I’d prefer a wide variety to discuss in these posts. So…the prompt says,’Favorite anime so far”. So far being the operative term for me, what does that mean?-So far… in all of the anime I’ve watched? So far… this year? So far… this season? So far…this week? I’m probably over-analyzing this a bit but so far could mean anything. But if I were to choose a favorite so far right now at this very second it shouldn’t be a surprise that Haikyuu! is in the top spot currently. I’ll save those other favorites for the other categories.



Haikyuu is one of my current favorites and the leads the pack in the sports anime genre that I’ve thoroughly enjoyed. I’m also a fan of Kuroko No Basket and Free! but Haikyuu! is just on a level of it’s own. It’s quite possible I’m hyping this anime, but I genuinely feel like this particular sports anime is a cut above the rest.

LOL I just realized Kuroko and Kagami (kuroko no basket) have a similar pose/photo


One of the reasons as to why I love this anime is that while telling the stories of the deuteragonist (dual protagonists) they manage to weave how the game of volleyball is played quite seamlessly into the plot. As someone that’s not overly familiar with the sport and the positions that are the rules of the game are explained through the eyes of our clueless club advisor Takeda Sensei or even at times our main character Shoyo Hinata or several other characters like Coach Ukai (senior).

The best screenshot I could find when they were explaining positions/plan of attack

I also really enjoy this series because of the emphasis on team play. Individually everyone has had to grow in order to create a stronger team as a whole and they don’t want to entirely rely on a sole character’s skills; which I feel is the case for Kurorko No Basket. Another positive aspect of this anime is the character development of a lot of the players, and I plan to do an in-depth overview on each of them as separate posts. In comparison to the other sports animes I’ve watched; the focus is often on the main character and their respective teams.  In Haikyuu, we often get to view other teams perspectives on a match and what other character’s are feeling or struggling with. These additional stories add more depth to the story and to the relationships between characters. We also get an outside look of how Karasuno looks to other people.  I like that we get to see the whole picture of the world of Haikyuu and we’re not just stuck to one view only. Each player on Karasuno’s team has had the spotlight on them at some point, so we get to see the entire team grow and learn together throughout the series.

Kageyama being overly excited to touch the volleyball

My favorite of the series is Tobio Kageyama. So far the progression of Kageyama’s character in the story has been really satisfying in terms of pace and story. He’s so serious about volleyball that it’s the only thing that occupies his brain; in fact he’s a volleyball genius. But underneath all that he’s actually he’s a socially awkward bumbling idiot that can’t express himself correctly. What’s not to love?  How can you not love these adorable goofballs?!


…I think this was again a bit more in-depth than I had intended it to be – but it seems I can fully nerd out on each of these topics – and I’m completely okay with flying the nerd flag high in this space.