ANI-Reality: Kiss Him, Not Me!

This week’s ANI-reality comes from episode 4 of Kiss Him, Not Me! “Christmas in the Holy Land.” Our protagonist, Kae takes her reverse harem out to the “Comiket”, a real convention on this site held in Tokyo.  It’s also featured really quickly in the opening of the show as well:



Often called Tokyo Big Sight, it’s official name is the Tokyo International Exhibition Center, designed by the architecture firm AXS Satow. Built in 1995, it is the largest convention and exhibition hall for the entire country. It’s prominent features are the inverted pyramids on a support structure.. These shapes house the conference tower. There are two other exhibition wings (the east and west) – but the conference tower is the more monumental and iconic symbol for this convention center.


This building located in Tokyo Bay on a small man-made island known as Odaiba. This island has quite a bit of history to it; built in the Edo period to house multiple small forts (daiba = fort) to protect Tokyo from any attacks from the sea. This use was abandoned it was later developed with shopping centers and some hotels and a park. This seems to be an attempt to new urban plan within Tokyo. A train line was fitted to loop through the island. Soon Odaiba became a popular tourist spot.  This island houses a few of Japan’s bold Architectural statements. Another prominent feature of Odaiba is the 1:1 scale model of a a Gundam statue – it’s pretty impressive and pretty freaking cool. I managed to take a bunch of photos of this when I went to explore Odaiba on my own.

Tokyo Big Sight’s Map Location & Directions:

To get to the site, you’ll have to take a separate train from the Tokyo Metro. It costs a bit more to use it, and is much much smaller than your usual Tokyo subway. It’s about a 30 minute train ride from Tokyo Station. So from Tokyo station, take the Yurakucho shin-kiba line to the Toyosu station, and from there hop on the Yurikamome – Shimbashi line to the Kokusai-tenjijo-seimon Station. Its about a 10 minute walk to the building from there.