An anime that never gets old….hmm…


I’m going to have to go with Psycho-Pass. Everytime I watch this show; I always find a new element that’s intriguing.  I actually have a few posts planned regarding this anime in terms of thematic elements and architectural analysis. They’re just a few observations I’ve made that were a bit mind-blowing. I think this show does well in using architecture as it’s environment.  But I’ll follow that up with another post.


One of the reasons why I enjoy this anime is simply because of the dynamic’s of the different characters on this show. Just to name a few: Shinya Kogami, a bad ass detective turned Enforcer. While Vash the Stampede is my favorite because he’s silly and badass; Shinya is my favorite for being an intellectual badass. Tsunemori Akane also has great character development from the very first day on the job in episode 1 to where she ends up in episode 22. Ginoza Nobuchika – it was really interesting to watch his character go down the path he did.  I also really liked Kagari Shuusei because of his somewhat happy go lucky attitude despite where he was at in life. But…*sigh* well, I don’t want to spoil it for anyone – you’ll just have to watch it. He probably had the worst ending – which really shocked me but still…ugh.. (Poor Kagari!)  I probably don’t have to mention Makashima Shougo; as I wrote about him in a post claiming him as my favorite villian.

I’ll keep this short. If i keep going on about this it’ll bleed into the other ideas and thoughts I have planned for another post!

Till next time! Whats an anime you never get tired of?