This topic was fairly hard; I thought taking a day off to contemplate would make it easier but it did not.  I even perused my “completed list” to find something; but alas I still came up short -seems like a lot of the anime I’ve watched doesn’t really involve a lot of female in the cast; especially if we’re being as percise as saying “supporting”. I was going by how MyAnimeList.net cateogorized them into mains and supports. I wanted to pick another AoT character, but I want to use her for another topic. So I’m reverting back to my staple, Fairy Tail and picking Ultear.


I think Ultear is an underrated character – for a few reasons.  Ultear goes through a lot of character development much like Jellal. Actually she’s the person behind the manipulation of Jellal into a dark wizard from the beginning. She holds a lot of bitterness and resentment towards her mother thinking she was abandoned; especially when she learned that her Mother had raised 2 other children as her disciples. She then grew to dislike those two boys because she thought she was unloved by her mother; until she learns the truth of her past through one of said disciples, Gray. Eventually, Ultear will turn a new leaf and joins Jellal’s group Crime Sorciere to fight dark guilds. And ultimately, in the “Grand Magic Games/Ecplise” Arc, Ultear utlimately decides to make the most self-less sacrifice, I think, on the show.  The only person that notices this sacrifice is Gray.

Well thats all for today. I’m going to have to keep this short and sweet because…reasons. LOL.(FFXV)