There are a lot of cool gadgets out there in the anime universe. Especially in the weaponry department. But one weapon stands out above the rest to me; the weapon OF choice in Psycho-pass: The Dominator.


The Dominator, a.k.a. Dominator Portable Psychological Diagnosis and Suppression System is a firearm carried by Inspectors and Enforcers in the MWPSB. The gun is programmed to an individual user and requires authentication via the SIBYL system. Once the Dominator recognizes it’s user – it’s like a mini-computer that links to your brain and you can see the screen in your periphery. When pointed at an individual it’s constantly assessing the psychological status of that person and determines the value of their crime coefficient. There are different modes that the Dominator functions at. The lowest being is the “non-lethal paralyzer” in which it just stuns the target and knocks them out. If the crime co-efficient goes beyond a certain level (300) the gun transforms and actually fires in “Lethal Eliminator” mode which completely kills the target, also known as the “anti-person lethal mode”.  The last mode is “Destory Decomposer” – the target is annihilated, also known as the “anti-material mode” in which it works best against drones.


The transformative properties of the dominator is what makes it the coolest weapon I’ve seen. The fact that it transformst and is linked to an overall system that helps appraise the status of their targets is pretty amazing really intricate in design. And I am definitely a sucker for great design. The gun is pretty sweet looking too. I admit I’ve been tempted to buy a replica for display but…unfortunately I think it’s absurd to pay $1,000 for it, even if it transforms like the anime (T_T). The destruction this weapon produces really violent results. I remember the first time Kogami fired the domintor I was in total shock and awe that it produced that much power. If you haven’t seen it; you really need to see the dominator in action!dominator_transformation