The posts for Man Crush Monday and Women Crush Wednesday posts that are coming up were inspiried by my dear friend MelinAnimeLand’s 25 Day Anime Male Challenge. She created it on her own *applause*, and so to further be inspired by her, I wanted to post the prompt for the first 25 to allow my follower/readers to play a little game and guess based on my posts, and based on their conversations with me who might fill in these spots. I plan on continuing past the 25 with this series, but they won’t follow any specific prompt after that.

Some of these answers are probably floating around in posts for my 30 Day Anime Challenge series. ย Can’t wait to see what people come up with!

  1. First Anime Crush
  2. Supporting Male Crush
  3. Favorite Sports Anime Crush
  4. Favorite Fantasy Anime Crush
  5. Favorite Supernatural Anime Crush
  6. Favorite Thriller/Psychological Anime Crush
  7. Favorite Comedy Anime Crush
  8. Favorite Yaoi Anime Crush
  9. Favorite Male Wearing Glasses
  10. Favorite Male Villain
  11. Favorite Male with Blonde Hair
  12. Favorite Male with Black Hair
  13. Favorite Male with Brown Hair
  14. Favorite Male with Blue Hair
  15. Favorite Male with Red Hair
  16. Favorite Male with Purple Hair
  17. Favorite Male with Green Hair
  18. Favorite Male with Pink Hair
  19. Favorite Male with White Hair
  20. Favorite Male with Gray/Silver Hair
  21. Favorite Male with Orange Hair
  22. Favorite Swordsman
  23. Favorite Gun-Wielding Male
  24. Favorite BL Pairing (canon or not)
  25. Ultimate Anime Crush

I’ll be using the same prompt for the first 25 females as well. It’ll be an interesting 25 weeks! Hope to see what people think! Also, you can just pick a few if you’re not sure you can fill out the entire thing. Some answers may be more obvious than others! ๐Ÿ™‚