Winter 2017: Jan. 15 – 21

The week is just getting started! I’ve successfully completed two weeks of my scheduled blogging topics so far, so yay! I’m very proud of myself.

In case you missed it:

  • The MVP of Support: Suwa Hiroto: In the latest post for MCM, I picked a supporting character to highlight. Suwa was my top choice this time around since I had already talke about my other favorite (Jean Kirstein) previously.
  • Winter 2017: First Impressions: I did a quick run through of which shows I was watching and some quick thoughts. It felt a bit unorganized – but I’m still working on the layout. Scum’s wish was at the top of the list last week. I wonder how it fared this week?
  • Her Revenge on Life: I featured the struggle of Ymir from Attack on Titan last week, as a break from the philosophical character’s I had been choosing. Ymir has made a lasting impression on me in the latest chapters of the manga. I can’t wait for season 2 to start!
  • The City of Arun: This week on Fantasy Friday I looked at the SAO world of ALFheim and it’s capital Arun as a part of an analysis of it’s urban planning. I found some pretty interesting parallels, and point out a building that reminds me of Arun’s aesthetic.

This week’s interesting reads come from:

  • Anime Tracking: plainpastaandplainrice did a comparison of the different anime tracker’s that are available. I found it to be very informative as I didn’t realize there were so many options out there.
  • Connections in Erased and how a Single Person Can Make a Difference: on the OWLs Disruptor Blog Tour Crimson discusses Erased in this great analysis!
  • What Are You Playing?: Over at cheapbossattack, they run down a few of the games they’re playing and what they’re enjoying so far.  I liked it because of the graphics, but also because it was quite informative – I’m not too familiar with all the games that are coming out, so I like to catch up on whats new via this blog.
  • Anime’s Most Inspiring Princesses: Elisabeth on littleanimeblog countsdown the most inspiring princesses’ in this anime- and I couldn’t agree more with her choices.
  • Favorite Goofy Anime Character: at shoujoramblings, they’re taking the 30 Day Anime Challenge, and they chose a character from Gekkan Shojo Nozaki-Kun and felt like it was an excellent choice!

Did you guys find any interesting reads this week? Let me know in the comments below!