Take Two! Week of Jan 22-28

We just finished week 3 of the new year! Time is starting to fly! Another week successfully completed in my blogging world, so let’s recap what happened over the last week.


  • Hauntingly Beautiful: I started off the week featuring the OP of season 2 of Shouwa Genroku Rakugo Shinjuu. A hauntingly beautiful opening that I found reflected the remorse that Kikuhiko felt throughout his life.
  • The Tyrannical King of the Court This weeks MCM was none other than my favorite: Kageyama Tobio. It didn’t really start off as a crush but an appreciation for his growth as a character. So much so I created an instagram account for his nendoroid adventures.
  • Winter 2017: Week 2:I did a recap of the shows I’m watching this Winter season for the week. Rakugo had another solid week for me; as did Scum’s Wish.
  • Transcendence: Motoko Kusanagi:This week I looked at Motoko Kusanagi for WCW and her quest fora spiritual identity.
  • Ouran High School Campus: For Fantasy Friday I looked at the extravagant campus of Ouran High School, and it’s reference to mid-19th century architecture.


That just about does it for this week’s Take Two! If you’ve found any interesting posts feel free to send them my way in the comments below! 🙂