Lady Rapier: Asuna Yuuki

AH! It’s International Women’s Day today! WCW just happened to be today too! Epic coincidence! Really exciting to find that out but! I digress! For this week’s WCW I’m going to continue with my SAO theme this week and feature Asuna.


Asuna is the deuteragonist and Kirito’s partner in the anime Sword Art Online. What I love about Asuna and Kirito is that their relationship doesn’t have either one depending on one another; but rather a relationship that is built on mutual support, respect, care and love for one another. They are able to draw the best out of their partners and that makes them a formidable pairing. They actually mirror each other quite well. They’re a great duo!


Asuna is a great standalone character. She’s not the damsel in distress as she’s a capable fighter in the world of Sword Art Online. So much so that her skills with her weapon of choice, the “rapier”, has given her the nickname “the flash”. Asuna is also very kind hearted, mentally tough, trustworthy and physically strong. The girl’s got beauty, brains, cooking skills and incredible swordsmanship; she’s got it all!

Prior to meeting Kirito in SAO, she didn’t seem to care much about living or dying when it became apparent they couldn’t log-off. However, her chance encounter with Kirito opened her eyes and pushed her to strive for her own independence and survival  to get out of the game.

What I really loved about Asuna, was her determination to break free of the mold of perfection her Mother had wanted her to be. Her mom laid out her entire life via scheduling her school and after school activities. She had also planned to arrange Asuna’s marriage so that her daughter would have a comfortable future. This left Asuna feeling caged up more than anything. She struggled against these expectations she had from a well to do family. Due to the amount of pressure she felt in her real life and not being able to be the one in control she escaped to the world of gaming to oppose those ideals imposed on her and she found solace in her avatar. In SAO/ALO she was free to be who she wanted to be; and people loved and accepted her for who she was and her personal interest.


She finally steels her nerves and confronts her mother and invites her mom to see her virtual world in order to get her point across of how she wants to lead. She wants to lead a life that leads to sharing bliss with one another; in support of one another rather than living for one’s own sake. She promises to her mom that she’d still study and work hard but at the same time she wants to do all the other things she also loves. She’s trying to repair the awkward relationship she and her mother have due to wanting different things for Asuna’s sake; but she gets her point across and her mom caves and allows her to continue at her current school and do as she pleases; just as along as she makes it to college; as well as becomes stronger to be able to support others the way she really hopes to.

Asuna, is yet another strong female lead that continues to inspire like the rest of the women that I’ve been featuring. She teaches us to fight for what’s really important especially in the face of adversity.

What do you think of Asuna? I know she’s definitely a fave of many of my readers! Let me know in the comments below!