[ED]: Altair | weekly check-in

hey hey everyone! I hope you guys are ready to kick off another (hopefully) great week!

The past week went by in a flash. I got to watch Kabaneri of the Iron Fortress movies 1 & 2 due to the Anime Movie Night’s that Crunchyroll has rolled out. I have some thoughts on the films coming up sometime soon! So look forward to it, or not…if you’re not a fan of the series. Other than that work has been a been a bit of a mixed bag. Friday was my Dad’s birthday, so we had a small family thing and today I’m taking him and mom out to celebrate. If anything I spent a lot of time this weekend playing Code:Realize and managed to finish Frankenstein’s route, and it made me tear up a little bit here and there. There was only one other otome route that’s made me cry was Saito in Hakuoki.

Title: “Altair” | Artist: Motohiro Hata meets Sakamichi no Apollon
 Show: Kids on the Slope

As you all know, I’ve started the Kids on the Slope Watch-Along on Friday. I’ve decided to go with every other day to give me some time to digest the episodes and think about it a bit. But first episode so far was pretty good in terms of grabbing my attention and the animation is different yet beautiful.

But I digress! How have you guys been? What anime’s are you watching this season? Any scenes stick out to you in particular? I, for one was happy to see Ymir and Historia’s promise finally animated! I wrote about Ymir in a past WCW, that means I can write about Historia next!

Till next time! 😀