[Kids on the Slope]: Episode 2 | Summertime

note: I want to give a quick shout out and a huge thank you to weekendotaku for helping me out and creating the header images for the watch-along series!! 

Kaoru is attempting to self-study jazz after being told he doesn’t have a sense for jazz; trying to learn it to spite Sentaro and to impress Ritsuko. As summer vacation approaches he tries to set-up a date with Ritsuko, but that doesn’t go exactly as planned..


The impromptu jazz session brought on a very different side of Kaoru; he was full on smiling the entire time. I’m a bit surprised he was able to catch and participate almost fluidly with the trio even though he’s a complete newbie. Kaoru still doesn’t see Sentaro or maybe even Ritsuko as more than classmates; but the more he spends time with them, I think his view of friendship is slowly changing. We also met Jun, an older brother figure and another childhood friend to the duo. I wonder what kind of role he’ll have going forward!


Karou’s failed attempt at a date is ruined by Sentaro tagging along. I think Ritsuko realized that Kaoru doesn’t know how to have fun which is probably why she talked to Sentaro into helping her kidnap him for a beach day.  In the span of a few weeks, the duo seems to have done quite a bit to pull Karou out of his unsociable state. They have been very open to him whereas he’s still unsure – an issue of trust since he has moved around so much? It’s easier to not get attached to people that way.

The beach scene was a great look at the beginning of love stories that will probably complicate one another and further impact the blossoming friendships and probably test long-standing ones. First we have Kaoru realizing his attraction to Ritsuko, and wanting her to smile all the time; which causes him to be a little less uptight and actually gets him to have a fun day at the beach. Second is Sentaro’s love-at-first-sight moment. It’s possible that Kaoru may use this to his advantage in the next episode; but where does that put Ritusko? I know I originally said that Sentaro may have been pining away for Ritsuko; but this episode seemed to really focus on the fact they really are childhood friends.

Overall, I thought this episode had a more fun playful side that’s definitive of ‘summertime’ since I found myself laughing most of the episode. Especially with Kaoru trying to break out of his shell and be more of a man like Sentaro. It’s almost a stark contrast from the first episode where Kaoru was indifferent and uninterested in really making friends. I also, find the pacing of the show to be a tad unclear, not that it’s a deal breaker for me, I just can’t tell if the episode is happening within a span of days or week. It seems to be weeks; since it’s stated that Kaoru has been playing jazz the last two weeks.

Also, totally random, but I don’t know what it is, but I’m finding the animation really refreshing…? I can’t explain it!

This is the song the jazz trio turned quartet played (if my research was correct):

What did you guys think of this episode? Let me know in the comments below! 🙂