[OP]: Reclimb | Sunday Salutations

Good Afternoon ani-bloggers and friends! Another week has come and gone, and seriously time is flying. How is it already June?! As most of you know, I’m a huge NBA fan, more specifically a fan of the Golden State Warriors. Right now, GSW (a.k.a. The Dubs) are making their third appearance in the NBA Finals. More about how I feel about that and more after the break!


In 2015, we witnessed a great basketball team come out of nowhere to win the NBA Championship against whom most would be considered the “King” of the NBA, LeBron James and his Cavaliers. The Dubs had been slowly gaining momentum over the years making it to playoffs, but hardly making it through the first round. So this win was HUGE.

In 2016, the Dubs headed to the finals for a second year in a row via a historical regular season record of 73-9. They won 73 games out of 82 total games for the entire regular season. Beating out the record of the ’95-’96 Michael Jordan Chicago Bulls team that held the record at 72-10. They made it back to the championship game, again facing LeBron and his Cavaliers. They led the series 3-1, and then the season was brought to a devastating end as the Warriors blew the lead and allowed the Cavs to come back to win it all. The Cavs won three games straight in a row allowing them the biggest comeback in finals history. It was devastating for the dubs, as much as it was embarrassing to become a meme of the NBA and sports in general.

Now in 2017, the Dubs and the Cavaliers face off again for the third straight year in a row. The Warriors were the first team to head into the finals with a perfect record in the Post-season stretch winning 15 games straight. Friday would’ve been the 16th game allowing them to be the first team to sweep the entire post-season.  The Dubs were up 3-0, hoping to clinch the last game at home on Friday night, but alas, they could not recover control of the game, and lost by a heartbreaking blowout in enemy territory. Now, the team is faced with a similar situation from exactly a year ago; they head into game 5 with a 3-1 lead.

The Dubs return back to their home court Monday for game 5 of the best of 7 series. I know it sounds crazy to be so heavily invested in this game; but it’s something I’ve grown to love to watch. Especially watching the Dubs. Watching them play is really to witness something magical. They are the most team-centric and most selfless players in the league even with huge stars on their team! They embody everything that Kuroko from Kuroko no Basket believes in when it comes to “team”. (LOL, I had to tie this back to anime somehow.)

Most of you will gloss over most of what I’ve written today, and I’m okay with that; this is my only outlet to express myself in written form. HAHA

Title: “Reclimb” | Artist: ROOKiEZ is PUNK’D | Show: Yowasmushi Pedal – Season1

I started this series awhile ago, and you can find my first impresssions here. But I found this song really fitting to what the Warriors are facing this year. The lyrics are as follows:

“One chance-go on the attack with your atttude and don’t let them escape
Cut off any sense of fear with your own two hands
A revenge you won’t give up on so easily
Open the path that had been closed off”

“I will never give up
I can still take back this glory
I’ll swallow the bitterness of the tears I cried
I will never ever give up
Even if I wear myself out completely,
I’ll connect our wills together”

For a team that plays so cohesively, when they’re on point, I’m really rooting for them to do their best and close out the series and bring the trophy back yet again. They’ve battled against great teams and had to face the harshest of criticisms. Yet they are resilient through it all.  I have so much more to say about this team, but I’ll save that for another time.

Have you ever gone through a loss that makes you come back stronger and better than before? Or can you remember a time that you fought for something as hard as you could against all odds and still came out on top? I’d love to hear your stories in the comments below! 🙂