[OP]: Floatable | Sunday Salutations

Good afternoon readers! Welcome back to another Sunday Salutations here at Archi-Anime. Where I highlight one of my favorite tracks for the week and check in it’s readers and see how they’re doing! 

This week’s post is up a little late. And yet again, I haven’t gotten as much content out this past week and I’ll admit that’s because of my lack of self-control when it comes to playing Voltage, Inc. Otome Apps. I’ll have a post about my otome adventures coming up shortly. (Among other posts coming!)

That brings me to this week’s OP. This week’s song comes from an Otome game I recently finished over the weekend: Code:Realize ~Guardian of Rebirth~ (Be on the look out for a review on this as well!). It’s a rather pretty song and really catchy song, and one of my favorite OPs so far from any otome I’ve played (which is far and few between since I’m still a novice in the genre). Also, Code:Realize is coming out with an anime this fall, and I’m so looking forward to it! The true end for the heroine ties all of the storylines together nicely, so I have high hopes for it!

Title: “Floatable” | Artist: Mao | Game: Code: Realize ~Guardian of Rebirth

I almost went and talked about the OST but I think I’ll save that for my Game review, as I have found it to be really pretty.

Anyways, let’s check-in with everyone! As I’ve said, I’ve been caught in Voltage Inc. Hell playing routes over and over almost, and buying into new ones and continuations. Last night i was finishing up Code:Realize. I’m proud of this as this is my first 100% clear of an otome game. I even earned myself a platinum trophy!

Other than that, last night a little past midnight, I was finishing the last route of Code:Realize when I heard outside my open window a loud screech and a huge bang. I heard my parents run out of their room and outside the house. I thought the accident was a street over because of where my window is positioned. Unfortunately my parents heard it right outside their window which faces the front of our house.  Turns out, someone had crashed into my aunt’s car and ran off: a hit and run. My cousins had gone out first since it was their mom’s car, but unfortunately they had already fled the scene. The accident completely totaled my aunt’s car, and we called the cops to file a report. There was a bit of a break as they were able to track down the culprit; they were only a few streets down from where we lived. So they arrested him and brought him to jail overnight.  We were informed that the driver had been drinking.

This morning, the parents of the driver came to the house to  see what exactly happened and also cleaned up the broken pieces that were left behind. They then came back with their son to make a formal apology. The kid is young, a college student that’s probably 20. I wonder if they really found him to be drinking because that would really be unfortunate for him as he’s still underage, and he also seems to be a kid with a promising future.

But when you make mistakes like that, you have to own up to it. It’s worse to run off in those situations. It also serves as a reminder that one should ever drink and drive, it’s never worth it.

On a more positive note, I had a meeting with two of my bosses to talk about my growth in the firm. I set up a meeting to go over an action plan of my tasks at work that will allow me to move up to another position. It went really well! Now I just have to work on tracking these tasks in a way for me to show my progress!

Can you guys name a good thing that happened to you this week? I’d love to see how all of you are doing and what highlights of the week you have to share! 🙂