[Watch List] Summer 2017

Hey guys! With the Spring Season wrapping up – I figured it was time to look ahead at the some of the summer shows coming and what I’m looking forward to.

If you hadn’t noticed, I didn’t really participate in watching anything during the Spring season. The only one I really watched consistently was Attack on Titan. Other than that, I have a ton in my queue to watch from spring but never started. Personally, it seems that nothing really grabbed my attention as a must watch; so a majority of these will end up being binge-watched at some point. Many of you have suggested a lot of Spring anime for me to watch in particular, I’ll have to hold on to those a little bit longer.


My top 5 anticipated are:


  1. Ballroom e Youkoso (Welcome to the Ballroom)
    A BALLROOM DANCING ANIME. YES. A MILLION TIMES YES. I’m an avid fan of dance and watching dance competitions. I’ve learned to ballroom dance and it is not easy. I’m just so excited for this one because 1. ballroom dancing, 2. my friend is hyped for it and he’s reading the anime – I 100% trust his judgment on all things anime and 3. Art looks great!
  2. Dive!!
    I’ll be real. The eye-candy is the draw-in for me. It could possibly end up as a Free! knock-off, but hopefully not. The art and animation of the dives in the previews look fantastic and I just hope, hope, hope that that rigor is consistent throughout the series.
  3. Katsugeki/Touken Ranbu 
    Most of you probably know, but I am an AVID fan of Mikazuki Munechika. As much as I found Touken Ranbu: Hana maru to be a cute slice of life and introductory to these anthropomorphic swords, I can’t wait for Ufotable’s take on the action and character designs!
  4. Keppeki Danshi! Aoyama-kun
    A kid that’s a clean freak that plays soccer. It looks pretty silly but hey, I’m all for a good comedy!
  5. Vatican Kiseki Chousakan
    I’m intrigued by the use of Catholicism in anime. And the fact that this is in Vatican City really pulled me into wanting to check this one out!

Other’s I’ll try to follow/check out:


  1. Koi to Uso
    The premise sounds really interesting. That’s all I can say. 😛
  2. Fate/Apocrypha
    As a Fate fan, of course I’m naturally drawn to this one.
  3. Netsuzuo TRap
    This is a bit of a twisted story, but rather intriguing, so I’ll be looking at this.
  4. Tsurezure Children
    I’ve been looking at this manga for quite some time; so I think I’ll give the anime a shot!

Continuations to get to:

  1. Boku no Hero Academia Season 2 – 2nd Cour
  2. Sakura Quest

What’s everyone else looking forward to this coming Summer season?