[Fantasy Friday]: The Revival

Hey guys, it’s been a really, really, really long time since I posted for my Fantasy Friday series. To be honest, I put this on hold because I began to feel stressed about this series. I know that sounds silly, but hear me out! I had started off really strong I know; but then I started getting too caught up in my architectural thought processes that I forgot why I started this series to begin with. So, I went back to my initial post to remind myself of what I had written as my original intent:

 These posts will probably vary on length depending on if and what I am able to pinpoint as relevant as well as what I find myself drawn to. This will mostly be Architecture Eye Candy. As someone that’s been trained in design, theory and as someone that loves history and research; sometimes I find it easy to find a precedence or correlation from the anime to something that’s real and tangible.

What I love about architecture in anime or any kind of animation or CGI scene is that there are no limits to what can be created; things can be overly exaggerated which makes it so fantastical – like you’re in a dream world. And I’m all about outrageous designs!

– (excerpt from the original Fantasy Friday post)


This series was supposed to be something fun and quickly written up weekly. But I soon found myself delving deeper into the second part of my reason for starting this series: the history and theory aspect. I started to specifically look for buildings in anime that HAD to have some kind of architectural significance tied to it. If it wasn’t something architecturally driven, I started to get obsessed with finding something to link it historically or theoretically. Because of these two reasons, I also felt obligated to write in-depth with each post. Basically, I got so caught up in all the intricate details that I forgot my reasoning for starting this: the appreciation of fantastical architecture. I even forgot my own key phrase for this: Architectural Eye Candy and the most glaring important term of the series: Fantasy.


So with that being said, I’m reviving this series with that in mind. I really should have more fun with this series because that’s why I created it! I wanted to have fun with the crazy architecture that exists in anime! I want to post about pretty buildings, ugly buildings, crazy buildings and still provide you with some insights. I didn’t want it to be filled with technical architectural “archi-speak” all the time. Though I wanted to provide an architectural eye to the posts and be informative, I don’t want it to be boring. I want my readers to enjoy what I write, and see it from my point of view. I know that all of you love seeing and reading about what I have to say, but I got caught up in trying to get everything perfect that it fell on the backburner.

True Cross Academy Entrance Hall – from original post.


My first Fantasy Friday was one of my favorite posts of this series, and that’s because I didn’t really plan it or research it in-depth; they were pure observations. The posts that followed started to become more planned and heavily researched which eventually slowed down my ability from posting weekly to a complete standstill. So, you know, maybe some day’s I’ll find something with more architectural ties; while other day’s I’ll be mostly posting image heavy posts. I shouldn’t feel obligated in explaining every single thing so minutely. I should be comfortable in posting stuff that doesn’t necessarily have ties to theory and history and just appreciate the aesthetics first because that’s what I wanted to do with this series-have fun! Analysis should follow aesthetics in this case. If I find something that fits appropriately or if it reminds me of something ( like my initial post) it should be more observation than anything.

Please bear with me as I make some minor mental adjustments for this post. I was going to just jump right back into it, but I wanted to write about what had been the cause for the absence of this segment because I clearly was struggling with this internally.

The Revival comes next week: July 14, 2017!