[KnB Challenge] Day 11 | Favorite Uncrowned King

We’re back with Day 11 of the [KnB Challenge]

The Uncrowned Kings. The group of basketball players that would’ve been acknowledged first before falling under the shadow of the Generation of Miracles. Part of me wonders if any of them felt any bitterness towards having the spotlight stolen from them. But, I digress, There are two of the Uncrowned Kings that I really like but if I absolutely had to choose, then yeah there is only one!


Kiyoshi Teppei


Kiyoshi is a big teddy bear, and compared to the rest of the Uncrowned Kings, he’s probably the nicest! He’s definitely the big older brother type, that looks out for his kouhai’s. Even to the point of getting physically hurt to protect them.  But behind his teddy bear personality he seems to be very cunning and is usually plotting something, or says things deliberately to provoke others.

He’s probably the most we know about in terms of the Uncrowned Kings in terms of story and character development, which probably why he sticks out the most.

But that wraps up today’s challenge! Who was your favorite Uncrowned King? Let me know in the comments below! 🙂