[KnB Challenge] Day 25 | Something I Wish I Knew More About

Welcome back to my [KnB Challenge]

Today’s feature is about something I wish I knew more about. There’s actually a lot of things I wish they could elaborate on, but there’s one thing I wish was given to us. Irina brought it up in a recent fangirl session, but it was a very valid point. 

Background and History of Akashi Seijuro

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Of the Generation of Miracles, Akashi has the least amount of screen time over the course of three seasons, which is unfortunate. He was shown to be more of a shadowy figure in the grand scheme of things.

We know he’s a rich kid. We know he lost his mom. We know that his Dad demands perfection, and we know he has two sides of them. But I think the lack of his involvement till the last like 5 episodes of a three season series is unfortunate.

What was something you guys wish you knew more about during the course of the anime series? Let me know in the comments below! 😀