Outside the Walls of No. 6

TGIF everyone! 🙂 Today, marks the second to last post of my No. 6 series. If this is your first time here you can check out previous posts on No. 6: The City of No. 6The Homes and Gardens of No. 6, and Architecture of No. 6 : Points of Interest.

All of these posts featured the Utopia that is No. 6. Today’s post looks at what the world looks outside of utopia. What kind of world is just beyond the wall? (That sounds so Attack on Titan-esque)As stated in the very first post about The City of No. 6, I gave a brief history of the state of humanity and civilization in the world. Humanity has destroyed almost all of the inhabitable land during the last war.

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So post-apocalypse we see what the world would look like. It’s also unfortunately a commentary to real life situations. More specifically, I’m referring to slums. Slums are often found in underdeveloped countries (third world countries) but can sometimes be found in more developed countries, albeit rare.

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A slum is mostly made up of clusters of shacks. Shacks are mostly incomplete structures, and rather more put together crudely than a something constructed correctly. The inhabitants of such homes are usually people that are considered to be poor. In more technical terms, slums are areas of urban residential areas that are over populated in which crude forms of housing are erected.

screencap via Crunchyroll
screencap via Crunchyroll

Even though, I’ve lived most of my life here in the US, I still visit the Philippines, and I don’t just stay in the city. I go back to the provinces in which my parents have come from, and it’s always a culture shock to me with how everyone lives outside of the city. In the Philippines the inhabitants of these slums are called squatters.  Squatters do not own, rent or have the right to the actual property they’re living on, and build as a community.

That being said, one of the goals I had when I started down this path of architecture was to solve the problem of slums by creating some kind of affordable housing that would allow the less fortunate live in a well-built home, because there have been countless deaths due to the poor infrastructure of these shacks.

Hopefully, I can see this dream to fruition in the way of a foundation, or some kind of non-profit organization.

Anyways, this post went a bit off-tangent, but it was necessary as it is closely related to today’s topic.

What do you guys think of the disparity in civilizations that is shown in No. 6? Are there any slums where you guys are? Let me know in the comments below!