[ED] Kyokyo Jitsujitsu| Sunday Salutations

Good Afternoon! I’m back with another ED this week! First and foremost, I want to address the elephant in the room: my lack of posts. I’m still trying to get myself sorted out so please bear with me until I get my usual schedule back.

Title: “Kyokyo Jitsujitsu” | Artist:  nano.RIPE | Show: Shokugeki no Souma: San no Sora

This week I’m featuring the ED from one of the shows I looked forward to the most last fall: Food Wars. Yes, I’ve stuck by this show through all the seasons and through all the ecchi-ness that it had to offer. And to be honest, I feel like it’s less ecchi than season and and the tone has shifted over to more of the storyline and the food. I’ve decided soon during season 3, that it was time to shift to read the manga. So I’ve added it to the list of manga I want to own.  I have volume 1, and yes I’m starting from the beginning.

Anyways, the week was okay, nothing too spectacular happened. Work is work. But over the weekend I finally finished the Story Mode of Rise of the Tomb Raider. It was one heck of a ride, and also I found that it was rather short. If only I had just barreled through the first week I played I would’ve finished it sooner than I thought. I’m going through some of the DLC stuff, but I may skip some because well…I don’t know how to feel about zombies.

My goodreads challenge is also well underway, I’m halfway through my first book so that’s a great accomplishment in itself, and I managed to study for an exam that is pending. I’ve decided to study regardless of having an exam date just to get myself in the mindset and in the motion of studying.

How about you guys? What did you guys do over the weekend? Anything good come from the week? Anything bad? Anyone seen any movies as of late that I need to check out? Let me know what you’ve been up to in the comments below! 🙂