[OST] Somnus | Sunday Salutations

Good evening everyone! So, today’s song is a bit different.  I didn’t have an OP/ED to feature, and rather have been obsessed with OSTs over the last week or so. I’ve been in OST mode since my awards post, and have been listening to OSTs from Anime and Games the last few weeks. So, if you have any OSTs you’d like to recommend send them my way!

As of late, I’ve also dived back into Final Fantasy XV, which I’ve done a first impressions of when I first started playing it. However, that fell by the wayside and was neglected since that post. Since I finished Tomb Raider, I really wanted to pick something back up. I had picked up Attack on Titan again, but I found it difficult to play, as I’d already finished the main storyline, and other parts of the game would be much better played in the on-line multiplayer mode. So, I went back to what I had in my library, and aside from a few VN’s I have (Steins;Gate 0 & Psycho-Pass: Mandatory Happiness) I realized, I had FFXV and Persona 5 to finish. I decided to go with FFXV because I have two more games from the Final Fantasy franchise lined up, and possibly a third with Dissidia being released in a week.

Title: Somnus | Composer: Yoko Shimomura | Game: Final Fantasy XV

This is the instrumental versions, but there is a version of it being sung in Latin. Final Fantasy OSTs are incredibly beautiful. This song has a real sense of sorrow being represented and considering the nature of what happens to Noctis in the beginning of the game, it’s understandable. The lyrics of the song in English are also quite sad. I’ll just post the version of the song here:

The lyrics in Latin and in english can be found in the video description.

As for a bit of an update on the housekeeping end of the blog. I’ve been working on a rather lengthy post, and doing some research as to how I’m going to implement a part of this special post, but I’m diligently working on that, which is why I still haven’t done much. This post is very dear to me and rather personal, and I really want to share it with you all, because it will hold something special at the end of it, and I hope you all participate in it! 🙂

That being said, work hasn’t been as crazy, but now that my two-week vacation in April has been approved I have to start planning my itinerary. So, I don’t know if I mentioned it yet to anyone, but I’m planning a 2 week vacation to Japan for the Cherry Blossom season! Yes, I’ve been there before back in 2013 and was there for 3 months. But I’ve been dying to go back since because it was so much fun, and especially moreso now that I’ve been re-awakened to my anime nerd side. The trip will most definitely be an anime nerd trip. I’m not quite sure how I plan on dealing with the blog while I’m out. Would you guys rather see pics? A Vlog? I’d love to know what you your thoughts would be? I may not update regularly while there since I’ll be taking in all the sights, but I do want to have a few special posts regarding the trip here. My parents will be going with me, and they asked me to plan the itinerary. I asked them if they wanted to see anything in particular, but they said they’ll leave it up to me. I told them that it was more than likely going to be anime-centric since it was architecture-centric the last time I was there.

That’s my update. Otherwise, I’ve been writing that special piece, working, studying and playing video games. I don’t want to write any other posts till that one is off my plate.

But, how are you guys? Do anything fun over the weekend? Do you have any special vacations coming up? Let me know in the comments below! I’m so sorry for the lack of activity!