Happy 2019! Goals and Updates

Happy 2019 everyone! As you all know, I’ve been MIA for most of 2018. I’ll get more into some of the details, and it looks like “Where in the World is Zel?” might become the replacement of my Sunday Salutations post. It’ll be more of a quarterly update. Looking back at my last post like […]

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Another Announcement

Good morning everyone! I have a bit of an announcement to make a.k.a. Shameless Self-Promotion. I’m making some moves around here at Archi-Anime. I’ll be adding some stuff to the page as soon as I finally have time to do it. But, aside from that; as you guys know I’m part of the PR team for […]

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A Short Break 

Hello friends and ani-bloggers. Due to being sick among some other personal things; I’ll be taking a short break to get my life re-organized. I’ve put some real life stuff off for too long and need to take a week or two at most to get my priorities re-aligned. Please bear with me! I know […]

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I was never really good at the whole Twitter thing – but since I’m trying to become more active on the blogging scene, I thought the timing was right to bring it back. Because, reasons. More like for the sake of blogging and archi-anime. So, I may comb through all the blogs I follow and […]


a re-introduction

  This blog is always undergoing changes as I keep trying to find something of focus; although the underlying theme of my blog has always been Architecture. The first phase was to chronicle my time at SCI-Arc – most specifically when I was studying abroad in Japan and going through my last year of school […]

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